Consulting  Geologist

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Timothy Casey B.Sc.(Hons.): Consulting Geologist   

500mya bifurcating asymmetric ripple moulds typically paralleling to 
shorelines of large scale river systems. Grindstone Range, Northern Flinders Ranges. 
Geopick for scale. Copyright Timothy Casey B.Sc.(Hons.)

Geological Consulting

Extensive industry experience including work as drilling supervisor & well site geologist, relevant qualifications including B.Sc.(Hons.) with Geology major & Supervisor's Subsea/Onshore Well Control Certificate, and strong problem solving + research capabilities.


In the photograph, we have...

Bifurcating asymmetric ripple moulds, typically parallel to the shoreline of large river systems. These ripples are indicative of shallow water and are abundant throughout the 500mya Lake Frome Group, comprising the Moodlatana Formation, Balcoracana Formation, Pantapinna Sandstone,& Grindstone Range Sandstone. Photo taken in the Grindstone Range, Northern Flinders Ranges, South Australia.


Not So Apologetic

Here, I look at critical thinking, geology & politics. I am not so apologetic when it comes to catastrophism and the state of fear that seems so obstructive to rationality. From a geologist's perspective, I examine Professor Carey's expanding earth alternative to plate tectonics, and review both the history of the idea and the scientific evidence available to date. There is also an assessment of the potential biological and technological impact of a future magnetic reversal. I have also calculated the photosynthetic deficit resulting from deforestation and I compare this with other anthropogenic contributions to atmospheric carbon dioxide. Of all the pseudoscience that denies the basic tenets of geology, the sheer volume that can be traced back to so-called "environmentalism" outstrips all other sources put together. I examine the consequences of climate change based on an actualistic assessment of geological history. I review the history of science related to the evolution of the "Greenhouse Effect" as an idea that is founded on the assumptions of the "theory" of luminiferous Aether and yet still underpins the claimed anthropogenic cause of climate change to this day. Moreover, I make no apologies for the consequences of this examination of the "Greenhouse Effect" versus physics. Modern estimates of volcanic carbon dioxide emission include no subsea volcanic emission measurements and fail to establish statistical significance of the samples on which they are based. How then, could we possibly have the statistically significant volcanogenic carbon isotope mean necessary to isotopically distinguish how much of the atmospheric carbon dioxide is volcanogenic and how much is industrial? Further, I examine the popular "environmentalist" denial of natural halocarbons in light of well documented volcanic CFCs

Also included on this site is a growing collection of historical scientific papers related to the claims I examine. Fourier (1824) is a most misquoted and misrepresented paper, but now that I've improved access to a reasonable english translation of this document, there is no longer any excuse for continuing misinformation. Tyndall (1861) is famous for claiming to measure the "absorption" of gases, but to those who have actually read the paper it is immediately apparent that Tyndall did not understand the difference between "absorbing power" and opacity. As a consequence, Tyndall actually measured opacity, not absorption. This partly invalidates Tyndall's putative underpinning of the "Greenhouse Effect".